Limestone filler production

Limestone filler is a product derived from the precise grinding of limestone and is characterized by its rich calcium carbonate content (minimum 90%). The production and distribution of this material is carried out directly from our factory located in Gorj county.

Areas of use


  • concretes
  • mastics and bituminous mixtures
  • material for bituminous masses
  • adhesives and mortars
  • industrial applications (energy industry, glass, ceramics, rubber and paint production, in the hydrotechnical field, etc.)
  • the filler for the production of membranes from modified polymers
  • in the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) process
  • in animal feed premixes or as an agricultural fertilizer
  • the production of self-compacting and architectural concrete




  • contains a high degree of calcium carbonate (min. 90%)
  • have a 100% pass through a 2mm sieve, a minimum of 85% through a 0.125mm sieve and a minimum of 70% through a 0.063m sieve


Rovinari, 15 Constructorilor Street, Gorj County
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Alongside specialized teams, Armeanca Prest Com can undertake large-scale industrial construction projects.

Industrial Construction

Construction of roads, bridges, culverts, retaining walls, embankments, hydrotechnical works, and riverbed arrangements.

Sorting Station

The sorting-crushing station is located in Drăguțești commune, Gorj county, and has a capacity of 40 t/h.

Concrete Station

We own 2 concrete stations in Gorj, fully automated, brand Imer Group (67 mc/h capacity, electronic dosing and weighing system).


We have advanced technical equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, dumpers, backhoe loaders, trucks, and compactors.

Interior Design

We offer a selection of products for home interior design, available online and in our showroom in Târgu Jiu.


We offer specialized consulting for construction projects, regardless of the complexity involved.